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Are you using Pinterest to boost your business? Pinterest is a treasure trove and possibly the best return on investment of any social media platform for your business/website. You will need to put in a little legwork at first, but then things will flow. The great thing about Pinterest is that compared to Facebook and Instagram, the pins are long lived and can reap the benefits for years, it’s also the only social media platform to be reference on Google. Keep in mind, you won’t necessarily see results right away and it may take a few months of using the platform consistently to see the rewards of all the work you’ve put in.

Here are a few statistics so you understand the importance of having a healthy Pinterest account:

  • Did you know that most Pinterest users spend on average 15 minutes browsing once they login? That is is just 5 minutes less than on Facebook.

  • Pinterest is the second highest traffic generator on the web after Facebook. Crazy right? One image pinned on Pinterest usually generates on average 6 visits/clicks to your website. These clicks might take a while and won’t happen overnight but that is still amazing. You have all these wonderful images already, what do you loose by adding them to a board and getting traffic from them?

  • Contrary to other social media platforms Pinterest is the only one that gets referenced on Google. This means that when people search for things on Google or Google images, pins will show up in the Google search results. Also, the more pins are being shared from your website, the better it is for your SEO and the better they will perform on Pinterest too.

Just keep in mind that as with any other social media platforms, the more time you spend on it the better the results you will get.

You don’t know where to start or maybe you need a little guidance, I can help. I offer different types of packages":


You already have a Pinterest account set up and just need some guidance- this package is for you. Here I will analyze your Pinterest account and website. Over a 1hr call we will go over your boards and pins and I will let you know what to do and how to optimism your Pinterest account. With a list of things to do, you will work on optimizing and maintaining your account for a determined amount of time by the both of us. I will then analyze the work you’ve done and get on a quick call to establish a plan of action to get you going for good.

Price: 300$US


You don’t have an account or you have one but it’s a mess and you aren’t sure what to do. I can help you by setting it up and creating some initials boards as well as populating with pins all related to your business. Optimizing you account right off the bat or cleaning it up so it’s ready to go. Then we will hop on a call and I’ll explain what you need to do to keep your account optimized and let you know what plan of action you need to follow to keep things going.

Price: 1 200$US


You have a Pinterest account and everything is optimized, you just don’t have time to spend on curating your boards and keeping your account going. I can help you. I can pin & re-pin and make sure everything is running smoothly on a weekly basis.

Price: 300$/month