We spent a few days in Vermont just the kids, my mom and I visiting old friends. The kids had so much fun feeding the chickens, eating berries from trees, catching frogs and swimming in lakes. Visiting new places always gives me a wave of inspiration and choosing only 4 favourites for this weeks post was an impossible task. So today I share my favourites from our first day in Woodstock. I had a little fun making diptychs... is that considered cheating? ;) 

vermont 2.jpg
feeding the chickens
iron bridge-woodstock vermont- family photos.jpg

This post is part of a blog circle where some lovely photographers from all around Quebec are blogging their favorite photos of the week, so be sure to see how Anda beautifully captured her poolside vibes- I just love to see how everyone interprets some of the same themes over the weeks. You can see my poolside vibes here in case you missed it.