50 Nuances D'Ete: week 1


Looks like summer has arrived in Montreal! With the nice weather and blue skies, my chances of picking my camera up and documenting my family is tenfold. I've made a pledge to blog every week and join a blog circle with amazing photographers also from Quebec. So be sure to check out this post and then head on over to see what Anda Panciuk has been up to... trust me you won't want to miss her post, her photos are always so inspiring. 


We visited Hudson for the first time and had such a lovely time. Between a nature stroll in the woods, a foot bath at the lake and ferry ride accross to Oka, the kids were super stoked. We also enjoyed a great lunch with family from out and will be visiting again soon. Hopefully next time we go on a Saturday so we can check out the antique market. 


This end it up beeing a story of a boy and his walking stick and a girl and her dolls. 


Good thing we weren't in a hurry because the dolls enjoyed walking along the bridges too! 

I feel a little rusty and in need of some much needed pratice to shoot again. I hope to not only capture the everyday of my families life but also explore and have fun with some more creative techniques this summer. I also plan to shoot a lot film, something I started exploring last summer but haven't tried again since my first two rolls. 


Have a great week... don't forget to check out Anda's post HERE and keep going through all the blogpost until you end back here.