This week was not an extraordinary week of photos. I was busy with other project and a lot of work. Whenever I am busy with other creative projects I tend to let the camera to the side a little. It's like I can't be creative in more than one way at a time! Well, I still managed to pick my camera up for a short stint. I had promised the kids we would make some slime, they have been bothering me about it for weeks. I finally caved in. I did photograph the whole process, I was busy mom-ing. Ha! 

This post is part of a blog circle- where talented family photographers from the province of Quebec, will be sharing their fall inspired photos. Please scroll to the bottom of the post and click on Caroline Desroches' name to see what they have been up to and then keep going through the circle until you end back here. 


Don't mind the terrible mixed light! I would have converted these to black and white but I found the color of the slime way to fun to do that. 


It was a great success... well almost! 


You see, we ended making "sweaty" slime. Yup, a special kind of slime that keeps sweating and water drips from it, over and over again.  I am sure you are wondering how we did that right? I mean who doesn't want kids playing with slime that leaks water everywhere! 


Well, it might just happen if you pup baking POWDER instead of baking SODA. In case you are wondering, I a terrible at following recipes and can't even cook Kraft dinner! haha. 


The kids had loads of fun and needless to say we will be doing this again. However next time we will leave the baking power out and maybe buy shaking cream withoout any smell. 


Now it's time to go and see the beautiful photos Caroline Desroches' took this week- you will get to see the very begining of fall.