Jour De Givre


This year my resolutions when it comes to my photography are not as ambitious as last year. I am going to keep a few of the same resolutions like shoot more with film (analog), take more details and make more diptychs, try more abstract shots and keep trying to freelens. What I am not going to try and do is a 365 project, I made it about half last year, but by the summer I was burnt out. So instead I am going to shoot as much as can during the week and shoot every day on the weekend and holidays. I am going to keep my self portrait reflection project (#52refelctions), you are welcome to join me! And I am starting a #52diptych project too. Finally, I am going to try and blog with my lovely friends from the Clickin Mom group of photogrpahers from Quebec. So be sure to check out the blog circle and see what Annick & Simon's week looked like. 

diptych of lego and girl

This week the sun came but it was too cold to enjoy it, so instead we played indoors and stayed in our pj's all day. 

pocket of light gymnastic pose portrait
diptych 2.jpg
mathis pocket of light01.jpg

Can you spot the photo bomber?

jumping off walls

Oh and this year is all about having fun with my photography and making silly gifs! ;) 

See you next week! And have a look at what Annick & Simon's has been up too, I sure hope everyone feels better next week. <3