girl walking at a sprinkler pak in Montreal

Just when we thought it could not get any warmer, Montreal got hit with a heat wave. What a nice way to start the fall season wouldn't you say? So we went on the search for some cool water- thank goodness the sprinkler parks in the city are still active. I managed to document the kids without breaking too much of a sweat nor getting my camera wet! I really should invest in an underwater housing for my camera so I can get in there with the kids. I always think our summers are too short or that we don't go to the pool enough to justify the price, but I think it could come in handy in sprinkler parks and snow storms too- but let's not even think of the latter just yet!

This post is part of a blog circle- where talented family photographers from the province of Quebec, will be sharing their fall inspired photos. Well, that is when autumn decides to point its nose! So please scroll to the bottom of the post and click on Annick & Simon's name to see what they have been up to and then keep going through the circle until you end back here. 

kids at a Montreal sprinkler park

The kids had fun and so did I! I even managed to get my shadow in a few of the photos. One day I will hire a documentary family photographer to come and take these photos instead of me, so there is proof I was there too... maybe even Annick & Simon- go have a look at the sweet documentary session they photogrpahed this week. 

bronze lion at the Van horne park in Montreal
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