If you follow me on Instagram, then you might have already noticed that I have a little hashtag project I cal #mytrampolinestories- I share and group all my trampoline related photos with that hashtag. Since we bought this trampoline 2 years ago it has been a great source of fun and probably the best money we have spent on the kids [besides travelling and their education ;) ha]. So naturally, I've photographed this activity probably more than any others and everytime I try something new- a new perspective, different shutter speeds,  or lense. That doesn't always make for the best photos but usually I will come out with at least 1 I love and is maybe worth sharing. So for this week choosing 4 was a bit of a hard task, not like last week where I had too many to choose from but from having very little I actually loved. Nevertheless I still love playing around and experimenting even if nothing comes from it at the moment because eventually all that practice comes in handy at some point. 

storytelling montreal photograpaher- girl in trampoline
playing ball in the trampoline at sunset in Montreal

This post is part of a blog circle where some lovely photographers from all around Quebec are blogging their favorite photos of the week, so be sure to see how Genevieve Sirois week in photos, I am alway sin awe of her black and white photos.