It the last week of our summer blogging loop, I cannot believe how fast the summer went. My kids started school already and I missing hanging out with them at the pool and even just at home. This week I am sharing a quick photo session at the basketball courts. The good net was being used by some teenagers and we soon found out that the net we had was a little defective- it would keep the ball stuck in the metal netting. Luckily we found a hula hoop! My son was a little tired and wasn't in the mood to shoot hoops, so I had the occasion to take more photos of my daughter. I love how she looks like she is dancing all the while throwing the ball! She has been graceful since she is a little baby. 


This post is part of a blog circle where some lovely photographers from all around Quebec are blogging their favorite photos of the week, so be sure to see how Genevieve Sirois spent her week, I am loving all the those details.