We spent a lovely afternoon at Jarry Park on Sunday for one of our best friends baby shower. Yes it's was the Rogers Cup finals, yes traffic was hell and yes we got lucky and found a pretty amazing parking spot. The kids made new friends, we ate good food and spent a lovely time with friends. I really wanted to take a portrait of my cutie MissE with her palm tree ponytail, it's her signature hairstyle with the ends going to the front of her face, she's been doing this for a couple of years now and honestly I'm not sure how much longer she'll be doing it. I love that although she can be quite shy, there are some things she doesn't shy away from and is confident in herself. I did manage to capture a few other cute moments while my camera was out. 


This post is part of a blog circle where some lovely photographers from all around Quebec are blogging their favorite photos of the week, so be sure to see how Genevieve Sirois week was in photos, you can admire her beautiful sport photography.