My Film Experiment


I am giving film photography a shot! Am I crazy? No way. Actually, I'm hooked. Something about slowing down to take the picture, the wait and the element of surprise when you get you scans back that is all too satisfying. Also let's talk about letting go of perfection- especially when you are shooting with manual focus, the creamy textures, the vibrant colors and the added grain- more elements that make my heart happy.  Are these my best shots? Most probably not but for all that was just mentioned it is all worth it.

I shot 2 rolls of film last year and had loved the results but one thing led to the next and suddenly it was back to school, the routine, winter, and my motivation to take photos in general just ran out. When I saw Jennifer Lawrence was offering a breakout on Clickin Moms, I knew it was the just the push I needed to get started again. Lot's of the questions I had were answered and the Facebook group is so supportive and just a great place to ask all the questions and keep on learning. 

I shot these with my Canon AE1- hello manual focus... forget catching moving kids. I actually asked my kids "pose" a few times which isn't how I usually shoot. I used Kodak Porta 400 and rated it at 800 and metered for the highlights. Umm yeah I got a little mixed up and what I really wanted was to rate it at 200 but read a blog post which suggested to go for 800. I have to say, I rated my second at 200 and I prefer the look of these shot at 800. I think I will try keeping the ISO at 400 next time and see how I like that. 


I am sharing most of my photos with you, I left a few out that were badly exposed or poorly composed. I really need to get used to not be so quick to press on the shutter button. Also these are family vacation photos so I am emotionally attached to them. I pretty much took only these photos, a few i-phone shots and lot's video footage that I have to put together. 

Not sure why I have so many vertical photos, I usually shoot only horizontal ones but for some reason shooting film has be turning my camera a lot. 

I had these scanned at the FindLab and the only editing I did was to move the dehaze lever to +20 in Lightroom. 


It's interesting to see the difference between a sunny day and a cloudy one. I wonder if I should have metered the cloudy one differently, maybe overexposed one stop! Since the film is light hungry it reacts to sunny days much better. 


Now I am kicking myself I only had 1 shot left when I took the pictures of these boats. Now I carry an extra roll with me where ever I go! 

My second roll wasn't as succesful but I did get a few jems, I'll share them here soon.