Lac Clermoustier- A mini family documentary film & photos

little girl catching fish at the lake in the laurentian.jpg

I had the immense privilege of documenting in photos and film Annick, Simon and their adorable kids on their summer holiday at the Clermoustier lake in the Laurentian's this past June. I was going to do family documentary photo session but we changed our minds once I got there and ended up making a family film instead. I still managed to take a couple of photos here and there.  Annick and Simon are amazing documentary photographers in the region of Quebec and happen to document their lives on a daily basis already, so I figured I would offer a little something different for them and extra special in a mini documentary "home" movie. 

This family was simply the cutest. I just love how the video captures the tender moments between the parents and their children. I am so happy I caught some of the silly things the kids do and their sweet expressions and mannerism- these are all things that change with time and that we forget about so quickly. I know it is so cliche but time does fly by and as much as we think we will remember these little things we just don't. Unless of course we've had a chance to document them in writing, through photos and film. 

It was a rainy evening but that didn't discourage the kids go looking for frogs in the lake while their dad prepared super. Unfortunetely all the frogs seemed to have disappeared. Maybe it was time for them to eat as well. 

Hamburgers followed by marshmallows at the fire pit and bedtime stories... Quite a lovely evening of fun and cuddles wouldn't you say? Hopefully, Annick & Simon will be back in Montreal soon so I can keep documenting their sweet family story.