50 NUANCES D'ETE: Backyard shenanigans


There is nothing better than having family over on a sunny Sunday afternoon for some backyard shenanigans and a bbq. I am always amazed how Montreal can go from -30 degrees to +30 degrees in just a couple of weeks! And to think I almost didn't pick my camera up to document these sweet moments between cousins. Here are my 4 favourites from the afternoon! 


It's not easy getting all 5 cousins in the frame without interrupting their fun, but it's that extra challenge that makes me love documentary photography so much! 

This post is part of a blog circle where some lovely photographers from all around Quebec are blogging their favourite photos of the week- so be sure to check out what Anouk and her family were up to this week, it will give you a lovely sense of what Montreal living is all about in the summer!