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This week the kids and I went to the Eco Museum with some out of town friends. It was so fun to see all the animals that live in our Province. The zoo is nicely layed out and the walk through is pleasant with a playground to keep the kids entertained in between seeing the animals.  I usually hate taking photos at the zoo, I end up with lot's of photos of the back of the heads of my kids and animal shots from far away.  But this time around I gave my best try at "wildlife" photography and had my friends zoom lens which helped a lot! Also one animal was particulary cute... I am not sure how many lions we have in Montreal but I spotted one! 

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Some of the animals were quite stinky, others asleep or perched real high in trees, but many were up for getting real close. Mister M's favourites were the wolves, they were quite majestic. 

My favourite and Miss E's were the cute little white and grey foxes. I bet this little fellows name is David or Bowie! 

The kids really enjoyed making new friends. It's incredible how the internet can bring people together from around the world. 

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We also learned all about owls! Did you know they eyes can't move and those feathers poking out aren't ears? Also they don't make any noise when they fly, which is unusal for birds. 

This little tunnel was so much fun, too bad nothing was swimming in there. Remind me to bring the kids to an aquarium next! I am surprised we don't have one in Montreal. I guess that just means we will need to take a little trip! 

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And I really wished the raccoon that destroy our garbage and hang out in our backyard was as cute and snuggly as this one. I've never seen such a big one, the zoo must be feeding them pretty well! 

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Now it's time to have a look at Caroline Desroches' post, get an insight of her week and check out the beautiful skies we've had.

See you next week! I bet Halloween photos will be part of the story.