Autumn is full fledge in Montreal and it's probably one the most beautiful times of the year. The colors of the leaves and flowers are beautiful and everywhere you look there is something to cooh and ahhh about. To top it off the weather has been more than amazing- so going for a walk in our neighborhood was more than welcomed. Of course, I had my camera in hand, ready to document all the beauty and the ordinary!


This post is part of a blog circle- where talented family photographers from Montreal and other areas of Quebec, will be sharing their fall inspired photos. Please scroll to the bottom of the post and click onCaroline Desroches' name to see what they have been up to and then keep going through the circle until you end back here. 

montreal family photjournalism detail.jpg

I will be honest I actually had to bring down the saturation in the reds of these leaves because it didn't look real. I just loved seing all the natural beautiful color combinations showing up in both naturally and hapharzardly. 


Montreal-Ouest has some really pretty streets with adorable and beautiful homes. Next time I might have to go take photos of all the homes decorated for Halloween. So many fun ones. Ummm, maybe I should do that for next week. 

fall montreal photo 1- family documentary-photography.jpg

This cutie wasn't happy with her penny board... I think we are going to have to buy her a proper skateboard. Luckily her big brother is quite sweet and generous; he let her have some turns with his board. Although, she ended up holding it most of time. haha!

I managed to do some panning shots and a few abstract ones too. I forgot about making double exposures this week but manages to take lots of detail shots. Oh and a few shots with different perspectives- that was my goal going into that this walk. 


Be sure to check out Caroline Desroches' post, she might inspire you to let your kids get involved in making a part of their Halloween costume. I think my mermaid costume tutorial would have a been a nice addition!;) Too bad I didn't find out about it any sooner.