This weekend we had some fun with spotlights. I have wanted to do this for a while now, but I finally ordered some color filters and made it happen. It was like a science experience meats an art project. We had fun seeing how different lights react when combined together and even did some cool color mixing. This was just a first run and just the kids being silly, I am going to me having fun with this again.

This post is part of a blog circle- where talented family photographers from the province of Quebec, will be sharing their fall inspired photos. Please scroll to the bottom of the post and click on Caroline Desroches' name to see what they have been up to and then keep going through the circle until you end back here. 


First, we set up three small "spotlights"- really they are reading lights from Ikea. And we were so excited to see the three shadows that appeared on the wall. It was pretty cool, they each had a different intensity and shade of grey. 


Next, we turned off all the lights except one and covered that one in a blue filter. 


The we did the same with the second light, but covered that in a red filter. As you can see the overall light is red but the shadow remains black. 


Finally, we added a yellow filter to the third spolight keeping the other two turned off. 

Then we turned on all three spotlight and the magic happened... how cool are those shadows? The kids were so amazed! 


The fun didn't stop there... we had fun mixing some other colors together, this time purple, organge, and light blue. I just love the cool effect we got. I can't wait to really explore the possibilities and have some more fun with this. 


Now it's time to go and see the beautiful photos Caroline Desroches' took this week. She is making me want to get a macro lens- all I have to say is WOW!