We had a busy week with some days off here and there, but one of the highlights was going to my sister's indoor pool in her apartment building. I remember loving going to the pool and it always makes me happy to see my kids enjoy it as much as I did. It brings back so many childhood memories. I think we will be visiting my sister often this winter, maybe more than she ever wanted to see us. Ha! So here is our 30 minutes in photos at the pool. 

This post is part of a blog circle- where talented family photographers from Montreal and other areas of Quebec, will be sharing their fall inspired photos. Please scroll to the bottom of the post and click on Genevieve Sirois' name to see what they have been up to and then keep going through the circle until you end back here. 

The lighting was great, so I had a little fun with slow shutter speeds and panning shots. I tried getting detail shots as well, which is on my list of things to practice. So I can tick a few of those things I am supposed to be working on. Next week I will have to try more abstract photos and maybe a dyptich or two. 

Since I am doing a 7 day challenge of posting 1 black and white photo everyday on Instagram, I had a lttle fun with these images too. 

Now it's time to go and see the wonderful photos by Genevieve Sirois - her photos are always so cool and full of life.